Jill McIntyre is a qualified Beyond Success Life Coach. Her passion is about supporting other people and giving them the tools to turn their lives around. Thus, bringing about a whole new outlook and approach to their day to day lives.

Often as a child, our perception of events and occurrences are so very different to how we would view situations as an adult. At an early age, we start developing and building upon our ‘coping mechanisms’ as a way of protecting ourselves from harm and hurt.

The events that bring about this outcome could have been from a very minor incident or a major upheaval that had taken place many years prior. Nevertheless whatever the occurrence, the outcome is the same.

Every time a similar instance turns up in our lives, the story and emotions around that event grows within, as we reassure our subconscious that it was indeed ‘fact’. What often starts off as a pinprick event in earlier years grows into a controlling factor towards how we act or re-act to certain situations as an adult.

We then automatically shut down and turn on ‘auto’, when similar situations occur, rather than looking objectively at the problem at hand and facing it head on. Our internal fears of facing that problem and the trauma it creates in our lives can so often be far greater than facing it and moving on.

Often these ‘coping’ mechanisms don’t serve us and it takes a toll on our energy levels, health and relationships. One tends to stick with what we know regardless of how painful it is, rather than facing an emotional and past event. If we allow ourselves to go there, we often realize how easy our shift and turn around in mindset can be, with rewarding outcomes.

The problem here is that as adults we don’t know how to reverse these negative habits that pull us down daily.

Stop right where you are as you are reading this…..what is coming up for you right now?

. Are you stuck and feel you lack direction?
. Are you a ‘lone soldier’ and trying to be all things to all people?
. Do you undersell your own self worth? What value would you put on yourself?
. Are others continually giving you their ‘free’ advice and living their lives though you? What’s more are you taking it on board?
. Are you having a one on one relationship with procrastination? How much of your time is spent on this one?
. How often do you focus on the negatives in your life rather than the positives?
. Do you think your strengths are an asset and worth looking into with positive outcomes, income wise and personally?
. Are you coming up as a victim because you continually seem to be volunteering for a specific role in life?

Time and time again we are too close to what is happening around us to be constructive and to make the necessary changes required within our thinking, that will result in positive outcomes for us!

Why do we make New Year’s Resolution or set goals for our future, only to find a short time later that the anticipated outcomes never eventuated, hence the whole cycle starts again?

“For years life was a daily struggle,” says Jill. “Back then planning and forward thinking was never on my agenda, yet so often at events and workshops I was confronted with the same question. What did I really want from life now and in the future?”

“Each time this drew a big blank,” Jill notes. “Just trying to cope with daily concerns and problems for years certainly reinforced my subconscious that thinking about my future was just all too hard, so I chose not to go there”.

Writing tangible and doable goals is a must if we are looking to grow with new clarity and direction! There are proven statistics backing this fact, which are quite amazing.

These days, Jill has a very different approach to goal setting. You can find out how under ‘Resources’ on this site. She shares her experiences with you to view and try out, if you have struggles with setting goals in the past. You too can follow through and implement them into your daily life.