Are you ready to stand in your own power!


Decide. Believe. Begin. Become.?

Are you ready to stand in your own power!

We can help

These four words tell a story

– and one that many of you may be able to relate to:


That a change in thinking is required – delivering different outcome to the one we’ve been experiencing to date? So often we can feel pushed beyond belief….before we make that decision…..for once we do, a very different outcome opens up to us.


That we have the ‘strength’ and ‘know-how’ within to follow through on change? To create the ‘possible’ is about letting go of one’s lack of self-worth and mental baggage, and replacing it with structured thinking that opens us up to limitless possibilities.


This new journey? Decision time….and with it comes unanswered questions and fears around ‘opening pandora’s box.’ What we don’t realize is that all of our answers lay within. Every-one of us has enormous untapped potential….lying dormant for the most part, if not for all of our lives.


The person that we once only ever dreamed of being? If we cannot conceive it in our minds, then we cannot receive it in reality. It’s vital that growth, clarity and focus becomes our rule of thumb, and yes, this is an ongoing ‘work in progress’ and once you have a ‘bite’ of it… will never go back to the old.

As each of these steps come into being, we soon realize that our old way of thinking and practise was hard work. By raising our level of consciousness and awareness – a whole new world opens up to us, and with it comes an energy and excitement that once upon a time…..never thought possible.

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Before starting my mentoring with Jill just over a year ago – I was lost with no direction or know-how around starting on my property journey. Then it all changed from one mentoring session with Jill!

Now looking forward a year, I can honestly say that Jill has become a huge part of my success, not only with my business aspirations, but my personal development has grown and my confidence in myself
has never been better.

I certainly am not the person I was a year ago – and setting up my ‘Project Management’ business, whilst building upon my other income streams is just a small part of what I have achieved – under Jill’s guidance.
Mob: 0424884626

Josh Buckland – Western Australia

Property Entrepreneur – Queensland
I have always known what I wanted out of life, but was always too fearful to really go for it. When I finally made the decision to ‘go all in’ despite the fear, I knew that I was going to need a mentor in my corner to keep me accountable, on track and challenge me to consistently venture outside my comfort zone – this is where Jill came in. Jill has offered me all this plus much more.

Every time I am faced with a property challenge or problem that I haven’t yet solved, Jill is there to offer
another perspective and solution. Every time fear and doubt creeps back in to my mindset, Jill is there to
restore my focus and confidence. Specifically, from a Property Development stand point Jill has assisted
me in so many ways. From helping me write property ‘prospecting letters’ resulting in many more deals coming across my desk, to helping me creatively structure specific deals that result in a win-win situation
for all. Jill’s wealth of property development experience has proved priceless.

Above all, the most important aspect of working with Jill is that she believes in me. That to me, is what matters the most.”
Mob: +61410557984

Richard Hodges

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